Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Opening Night Success

The rain and clouds cleared just in time to reveal the perfect weather for the opening.

A crowd of between 350 and 400 people visited the forest from five to well after the close of the event at eight. Singer and guitarist Vlasis provided the music for the event, occasionally accompanied by creatures of the forest.

The artists were present, and each spoke about their works to the gathered crowd. Visitors poured in and out of the forest continually throughout the evening, intermingling with Wendy Krecek's models, who wore six handcrafted clothing designs by the artist and designer.

Food and beverages were excellent and in ample supply, keeping pace with the rich diversity of the other "elements" of the evening.

Overall, a terrific evening. A sincere thank you goes out to everyone that made the event possible: the amazing artists; the talented and extremely hard working staff at FNA; the wonderful sponsors who helped make this all happen, and the volunteers who helped the artists with their work.

I will write more soon... hope to see some comments from the artists and FNA about their experience that night!


Tim said...

Thanks for all of the updates, JD! Doesn't look like we have many visitors, yet, but maybe over the next month people will start to swing by.

The opening WAS a success, so thank you very much, and many thanks to everyone at FNA. It was fun

wren said...

Hello. I didn't attend the opening night however I did get out today to see the exhibit. I really liked it.

Tim said...

This really was a great opening. I had a lot of fun and was impressed with everything (food and drink, music, even models!). Thank you for inviting me be a part of this very cool exhibit.