Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Stormy Weather

Traditionally, "elements" has dealt with a rainstorm or two the week prior to the show, but this year, the storms keep coming.

In a land continuously parched with thirst, it seems ungrateful to disparage the wet weather, though it hasn't been gentle with many residents of the metro area. As I write, several homes around Omaha are still without power from the storm that blew through Monday night, and many residents are contending with damage from winds which knocked out power lines and downed trees. I wish them well.

The forest, by its very nature, fared better, and little damage was evident throughout the FNA's holdings. Several of us, staff and artists, were at the Center early Tuesday morning to survey the artworks in progress. All had survived the night intact.

Even now, another storm has blown in, bringing with it more rain and thundering clouds.

The artists continued installing this week, undaunted:

David Hansen continues crafting his canopy on first loop; the roof overhead is taking shape.

Jamie Burmeister is delivering his work, load by load, on the solar-powered bicycle, and Les Bruning arrived today to install his piece. Mary Zicafoose and C. Daniel Newberry have completed their installations.

Tim Guthrie's "Scar" is complete, and the virtual Google Earth link will soon be posted (check out his site for updates on this page). The animated projection of "Burn" will be on view this Friday at the opening. Wendy Krecek is making final walk throughs of the forest for her "nature-inspired" fashion show. We hope the models won't be forced into raincoats, but the current weather prediction for Friday night is 60% chance of showers.

Should the rain hold off, the opening night may actually be the coolest in "elements" history, possibly in the 60's. Don't let the rain discourage you from attending-- I haven't seen a human melt from a downpour yet. Besides, the Forest really knows how to host a party, and you can chat with the artists inside or out. As a wise old man in Vermont once told me, "There is no bad weather; only poorly dressed humans." Something to consider!

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