Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sustainable Gardening on Display at Village Pointe

For those of you who garden and are looking for ways to reduce the stress on our resources from watering and chemical use, I encourage you to stop by the Douglas/Sarpy Extension demonstration garden at the Village Pointe shopping center in West Omaha.

Newly planted this year on the southeast corner of the World Market building lawn, this gently bermed bed holds plants capable of withstanding low water supplies, Nebraska weather compatible native species, and disease and insect tolerant selections. The bed is well appointed with signs identifying the common and latin names of plants, as well as clear and concise informative signage designed to educate viewers on the best practices for sustainable gardening.

While just completing its first summer season in the ground, the bed shows promise of being not only a valuable educational tool for gardeners, but also a beautiful landscaping addition to the already attractive grounds at Village Pointe.

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